Come next month (February 2022), International Needs Ghana in partnership with International Needs USA will roll out two Medical Outreaches in some underserved communities in the Oti and Volta Regions. Over 4,000 people are expected to be served by our
experienced and Dedicated medical team.

Raising awareness on the rights of the child as well as building the capacity of families and communities to protect children from violence and abuse as enshrined in our laws.

Ensuring that children in our target communities have access to quality education through the provision of school infrastructure and other teaching and learning materials.h

Empowering women economically and psycho-socially through the provision of vocational skills training, counselling and rehabilitation of victims of human rights abuse.

The health programme contributes to the strategic objective of facilitating improvements in the health status of the deprived, with a focus on women and children.

The programme’s objective is to evangelize and nurture the holistic development and maturity of participants in partner institutions and communities of operation.

2020 at a glance

Over 4000 reached with COVID Relief items.

Exciting happenings to share!

Transformed Lives, Changed Communities

For many years International Needs Ghana has made great strides in reaching many communities in Ghana with various developmental projects, bringing hope to many individuals and families by providing skills and empowering the most vulnerable to make the most of the little they have.