“I was physically abused, not going to school, not given enough food to eat and whenever I fell sick, I was forced to go to the bush as usual herding cattle. The option was to resort to herbs for self-medication”

Daniel a 12-year-old survivor summarizing his dehumanizing experience as he worked as a cattle herder at the age of 10 till he was rescued two years later.
Daniel was living happily with his family until his parents separated. His mother sent him to spend his vacation with the grandmother and made an agreement with a slave master to serve as a herd’s boy for three years in exchange for a cow.
However, could not complete his tenure of servitude because of the excruciating pain he went through.


“I could not even serve for a year because the torture and abuse were too much for me”.

Word got to the mother and uncle and they soon made another agreement with another to serve for three (3) years in servitude in exchange of a cow. The situation at his new place was no different as he was not provided with adequate basic needs, felt neglected and not protected. Because of the severe torture he was experiencing, he ran away and sought refuge with his paternal aunt.

INGH identified him after his escape and after initial screening and assessments in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) the case was referred to the police for further investigation and arrest of perpetrator. Daniel is presently housed at a temporal shelter for protection and care.
Subsequent shelter reviews indicate that Daniel is fast recovering from the trauma he suffered.