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Transformed Lives, Changed Communities

We are born with potential, yet we see a lot of human potential go waste in many communities in Ghana and abroad as a result of barriers of extreme poverty, deprivation, exclusion, disease, hunger, discouragement and limited opportunities.
For many years International Needs Ghana has made great strides in reaching many communities in Ghana with various developmental projects, bringing hope to many individuals and families by providing skills and empowering the most vulnerable to make the most of the little they have..

Safest Community Award

16 days of Activism against Gender –Based Violence” .

As part of campaign activities to promote the consciousness of “16 days of Activism Against Gender –Based Violence “on the theme “Orange the World, end violence against women and girls”, ….

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Corporate Partnerships

The primary goal of most corporate institutions is to make money. So why give it away?

Research shows that there is a direct correlation between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and financial performance. CSR is the continuing commitment by corporate institutions to behave ...

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INVTC: What is new?

Find out more about the program, its requirements, certification, term times and more.

The INVTC, originally one of the flagship programs of International Needs Ghana has evolved into a major vocational and educational facility serving Adidome and and its neighboring communities in the Volta Region.

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